Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments Onboarding

This document walks through the onboarding process for Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments. If you have not created an account at yet, please do so now before continuing.

Step 1

On your BlockSpaces homepage, click “+“ in the first empty block in Multiweb Apps.

Step 2

Next, select “Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments” and choose your plan.

Step 3

If asked, please verify your billing and credit card information. After doing so, you will be taken to this setup screen.

Note: If you’re on a guided onboarding, please un-share your screen now so that we don’t have any visibility to your seed phrase 🙂

Click “Get Started” to begin.

Step 4

This next screen displays your seed phrase. It is critical that this phrase is accurately captured & securely stored, as it provides access to your Bitcoin funds to anyone who has it. After capturing your seed phrase, click the “Got It” button to continue.

Step 5

To confirm your seed phrase, the following screen will ask you to click a few randomly selected words to their correct (original) positions.

Step 6

Once you’ve placed the correct words in their correct places, “A Perfect Match!” should appear on the screen. Go ahead and re-share your screen an click “Continue” to move on.

Step 7

Here, you will be asked to create an 8-character password for your node. This password will be required for transactions. After creating and confirming your password, click “Next”. This step is very Important, as stated in the notice. Please, keep this password and keep it safeguarded. This is a non-custodial solution and you, alone, have your keys.

Step 8

Your node is now syncing to the Lightning Network and shouldn’t take long to finish.

Step 9

Once you’re here, your Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments setup is complete! Click “Finish” to exit the setup flow.

Step 10

At this point, your node is set up but still needs to sync with the Lightning Network. We also need to get a channel open to you before you can send or receive payments. This will take at least three block confirmations on the Bitcoin network (Typically ~45 minutes).

Step 11

To integrate with QuickBooks, you’ll navigate over to your “Connections” tab within your Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments home page and toggle “QuickBooks”.

Step 12

Please click the “Connect Accounts” button in the center of the screen

Step 13

Inside your QuickBooks account, you’ll be asked to select the company you’d like to integrate with Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

Step 14

Once successful, you’ll receive this notification confirming the integration with QuickBooks has been completed.

Step 15

The Point Of Sale feature on your Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments dashboard needs a default customer to assign payments. We recommend the option on the right, which creates a customer named “Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments” within your QuickBooks application. This way, your Bitcoin payments will be neatly organized and easy to locate.

If you already have a default customer for these payments in mind, you may choose the “Advanced” option on the left and choose them.

Step 16

Once you see this screen, you are all done! Congratulations! It takes three block confirmations on the Bitcoin network to be able to send/receive payments.

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