Platform 3.0 Release Notes

This page details the changes for 3.0

Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments enhancements

  • Added Company Name to Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments invoices - This will show up to the user scanning the QR Code in their Lightning enabled Wallet as “{Your Company Name} via BlockSpaces”.
QR Code now includes a description embedded in it
Wallet app displays the Description
  • Added the ability to toggle between USD and Satoshis in Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments on the new settings tab
Toggle the setting on the new Settings tab
All amounts are represented in USD
  • Added the ability to withdraw BTC on chain. Click on Send Money and choose Withdraw BTC. Enter the amount of Satoshis to withdraw and the BTC Wallet address and click submit Payment.
Send Money link
Withdrawing BTC onchain

Platform enhancements

  • Added a new Billing module to see historical invoices which can be accessed under your avatar and clicking on Billing
  • Ability for the user to
    • Add new Credit Card
    • Delete Credit Card
    • Select Default Credit Card
Accessing the Billing Module
Billing Summary
Invoice Details