📃Platform 3.2 Release Notes

This release contains 2 minor changes in Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

Updated onboarding flow

During the setup of your Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments service, a new security feature is there to remind you to secure the password you establish for your node as well as an agreement that you understand the ramifications of forgetting your password.

New settings in Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments

Make Bitcoin Invoicing & Payments your landing page

If you would like, you can select to be taken directly to the dashboard when logging in, rather than being taken to the main page which lists all of your services.

When creating your QuickBooks Invoice Template, you can copy your unique link to paste into your template. You can see how to do this in the Embedding a BIP link to your QuickBooks invoices section of the documentation.

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